Add A Testimonial
2013-01-28, 17:50
The website was a godsend when planning my wedding. I continue to refer back to it and send my friends that are getting married.
2013-01-28, 17:48
Awesome wedding resource. I have it bookmarked and have been using it in ALL my planning.
2013-01-28, 17:46
Awesome webpage!! Way more helpful than others!
2012-05-12, 00:15
Thank you for keeping your site current. When looking for contact information for a local venue and finding their own website was wrong, I found the correct information on your website!
Kristan A.
2012-02-19, 20:51
Thank you to Magna for all the work you have done with this site. It has helped me so much through my year of wedding planning. Thanks to DIY Wedding Resource I found a list of venues without Googling every single place in Langley, I found my make up lady in just a few clicks and I have gone to just about every wedding fair this site had listed. Thank you again Magna and It was so nice to meet you in person!!

Start planning process organized with a binder and a CD full of useful worksheets and lists

Desneige Meyer
2008-02-13, 00:00
I am always skeptical of people who call themselves an expert at anything, but in getting to know Magna Goerke, I've realized that it is all of the people she serves who give her the title, "Do-It-Yourself Wedding Expert." Recently I purchased one of Magna's Wedding Planners for my cousin who had only 11 weeks to plan her giant, traditional Italian wedding due to the terminal illness of her father. With Magna's planner, and the offer for advice and connections to any of the local services she might need, Nancy was able to calm down, put priorities into perspective and not feel overwhelmed by all the things that needed to be done. She was able to enjoy events like her dress fittings and bridal shower and spend lots of time with her father, because she knew exactly what needed to be done and when.
Leslie Chambers
2007-08-22, 00:00
I am a very organized person and didn't think I'd need a wedding planner. I soon found out that I had too many bits of info in too many spots (some at work, some on post it notes, some bookmarked on the internet, and some on my email accounts). I also noticed that it was easy to forget about certain tasks if I didn't have a way to track them. The Wedding Essentials Workbook is more than helpful... crucial to planning a peaceful and complete wedding, more than I ever would have thought.

The page protectors are great for holding menus, price lists, ideas from magazines, dress ideas, sketches, receipts and those never ending scraps of paper with names and phone numbers on them. There is lots of room to write down all this information as there are many blank or lined pages for recording information.

I'm also finding that the workbook motivates me to be more organized and to follow up with vendors in a more timely manner...but not in a nagging way, in an inspiring way.

The Wedding Essentials Workbook is full of little ideas that generate more wonderful ideas to simplify or glorify my big day...I am thankful to be using this as part of my wedding planning experience. You will be glad you included it in your plans.

If you've taken a course from Magna either at a local educational facility or other group gathering, your feedback is appreciated.

Alan Jamieson, AJDJ
2009-11-22, 19:37
Being a man, and venturing into what has generally been a ladies world, had me a little apprehensive. But I had no reason to be, as Magna was an excellent instructor and made sure I felt at ease and that I understood everything that she was teaching. She was very easy to listen to, yet got her point across flawlessly. She was very knowledgeable in all aspects of the wedding industry and I would gladly go back again for a refresher course in a couple of years time.
2011-12-20, 00:08
Thanks for doing a great job on this web site
Caroline, The Secret Garden
2011-07-18, 20:29
Hi Magna, it was nice meeting you in person at the wedding show. I just wanted to let you know what a great site the DIY is. It's very comprehensive and a great resource for brides. As a facility for reception/ceremony we see a lot of couple in their beginning phase of wedding planning. I usually refer them to your site as the first step. Weddings can be so expensive and cutting down on the cost but doing much of it yourself just makes so much sense. Beside you only get to plan one wedding (hopefully) so why not do as much as you can and enjoy it! We have had a lot of business through our listing on your facility page. Thank you!
2010-03-29, 00:23
Thank you so much for adding me to your directory, I have already had someone contact me thanks to your site.
Barb Ashcroft
2007-11-24, 00:00
Thank you again for the opportunity to be involved in the workshop. You do an awesome professional presentation and I feel grateful that you invited me. You were SOOOO diplomatic handling gently the 'church' and 'alcohol' topics. You know your stuff. All in all I was blessed to be there.
Helen & Cam
2007-08-14, 19:33
We cannot thank you enough for all your help. I honestly do not know what I would have done without you. Everything you assisted with was perfect. Most importantly your calm, genuine and loving spirit is just what a bride to be needs. You have a gift Magna, keep pursuing it.
2001-09-19, 19:30
Our daughter was married August 25, 2001. We had a year to plan it and what a huge task it is to make all the arrangements. This was our 'first' wedding and it had to be perfect. Magna helped arrange and plan the entire event and coordinated all the activities. Everything was absolutely perfect! Magna took care of every single detail. Thanks to Magna the wedding was extra special. She made sure there was nothing for us or the bride to worry about except to just ENJOY the day and all the other events planned. Magna is an expert and has fantastic ideas that made our wedding festivities the best! Our friends have told us it was the most incredible wedding and reception they had ever attended. Thanks to Magna for making sure our daughter's wedding was more than she ever dreamed.