"Choose the wedding traditions that mean something to you."

Enjoy these classic wedding traditions and cultural wedding traditions from around the world.  I love to know why we do the things we do.  Many of today's popular wedding ceremony and reception traditions can be traced to ancient Egyptian and European customs. These were often based on symbolism, superstition, folklore, religion, and even the belief that evil spirits could bring disease and death to newlyweds and crops, which was very important in many farm-based early cultures. Although the exact origin and usefulness of many of these early wedding traditions are not always clear, popular acceptance has allowed them to flourish. Besides, many of these wedding traditions are just plain fun!  Choose the traditions that mean something to you.  Just because it's been done in the past doesn't mean you have to do it too; however, some traditions can deepen the significance of the commitment you're making and add to the personal meaning of your day.

wedding on viking ship

The word, "Wedding" comes from the Anglo-Saxon word "wedd" that meant a man would marry a woman and pay the Bride's father.

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