Here are proven tips on how to have an extraordinary wedding with an ordinary budget in the following wedding articles written by Magna.

Wedding Essentials Workshop 2007

 Here are a few basics of event planning to get you started:

  1. Visualize – what are your goals and objectives for your event?
  2. Create a task list & timeline – what needs to be done in what time frame?
  3. Set a budget – how much will it cost and how much can you spend?
  4. Rally resources – what are you going to need, what do you already have, how will you do it?
  5. Publicize – how are you going to get the word out to your guests?
  6. Establish contingencies – what are your back-up options if something doesn’t go as planned?
  7. Implement – work your plan.
  8. Follow-up – make sure the plan is working.  Make adjustments as required.
  9. Evaluate – gauge the success of your event and whether it met your goals.